Acclaimed for the sixth time as treasurer of the Diocese was Jim Stewart of St. Dunstan's, Aldergrove.
Anglicans weren’t especially stampeding to serve in diocesan offices at Synod 2007 – two-thirds of the candidates were elected by acclamation.

But in the end 24 people have agreed to spend considerable time helping run the Diocese of New Westminster.

Those elected, by acclamation or otherwise, were the following:

Treasurer: Jim Stewart

Clerical Secretary to Synod: The Rev. Elizabeth Northcott

Lay Secretary to Synod: Margaret Warwick

Diocesan Council Representatives (by Deanery)

Burnaby – The Rev. Stephanie Shepard

Burrard – Dixie Black

Capilano-Kingcome – Peter Kains

East Vancouver – JoAnne Stephens

Granville-Point Grey – The Rev. Roberta Fraser

North Vancouver – The Rev. Carla McGhie

Richmond-Delta – David Sanders

South Fraser – Michael McGee

Westminster – Vera Morgan

Yale – Mary McIntyre

Youth Delegate – Stephanie McGee

Anglican Initiatives Fund Administrators: Clergy, the Rev. Stephen Rowe; Lay, Donald Paul

Bishops Advisory Committee on Appointments: Clergy, the Rev. Neil Gray; Lay, Moira Morgan

Board of Discipline: Clergy – The Rev. Richard Leggett, the Rev. John Stephens; the Ven. Andrew Pike; Lay – Rosemarie Dundock, Robert Dickson, Monte Worthington