Mike Burpee has assumed a challenging role within the diocese of New Westminster.  Responding to an invitation from Bishop Michael Ingham, he agreed to chair a Task Force to “review and make recommendations about the strategic allocation of physical resources (land, property, etc) … in order to strengthen the mission and outreach work of the Diocese of New Westminster.” 

Mike said he was motivated by a feeling that the allocation and use of facilities and property was a matter of great urgency that could no longer be ignored or deferred. 

The task force on Physical Resources has been asked to recommend to Synod in 2007 the tools (and the methods to use these tools) that will enable the Diocese and parishes to organize their buildings and properties for a growing and vital church for now and the years to come.

The task force intends that its work will be fully open to members of the parishes and communities of the diocese.  It will offer opportunities for dialogue and consultation during the autumn of 2006, with further opportunities during the early months of 2007. 

This consultation is intended not only to make the process open, but to ensure, as far as possible, that the diocese as a whole will have a commitment to implement the task force recommendations.  He said they will be specific and achievable,

The task force expects that there will be changes as a result of its work.  However, in responding to one of the most frequently voiced concerns about the committee’s work, Mike was at pains to affirm the task force’s commitment to involve members of parishes fully.

The theme of change as a continuing dynamic was gathered by the Rev. Sharon Salomons in a visual presentation.