Dates and times for the Archdeaconry consultations to be held by the Diocesan Task Force on Physical Resources have been set.

To prepare for these meetings, task force chair Mike Burpee has asked all parishes to call a meeting of their councils or parish leaders and have them undertake a visioning exercise similar to the one conducted at Synod, and send in the results.


Table group discussion at Diocesan Synod.

The task force, established last year by Diocesan Synod, has been charged with recommending a process that will lead to the best use in the future of the buildings and land of the diocese’s 78 parishes.

The more information we have, the more useful our time together will be in October,” said the Rev. Paul Borthistle, Director of Parish Support Ministries, who is staff support to the task force.

He said it would be most helpful if parishes could do the exercise and send in the results by June 30. The task force will during the summer use the results to develop the format the October Archdeaconry consultations will take.

Borthistle said several Parishes have indicated that they are already engaged in a similar or parallel exercise and have asked if they really need to do this particular exercise as well.

“No, they do not,” he said. “We do not want to reinvent the wheel or duplicate work done.”

He asked that any parish doing a process that addresses the same or similar questions to forward to the task force a a summary of results.

The schedule of Archdeaconry Meetings is as follows:


Archdeaconry or area




Oct. 3,
7 pm

St. David's, 2475 Franklin St., Vancouver


Oct. 5,
7 pm

St. Dunstan's, 3025 264th St. , Aldergrove


Oct. 11,
7 pm

St. Clement's, 3400 Institute Rd., N. Vancouver


Oct. 16, 
7  pm

Holy Trinity Cathedral, 514 Carnarvon St., New Westminister


Oct. 30,
7 pm

St. Philip, 3737 West 27th Ave., Dunbar, Vancouver

Sunshine Coast

Nov. 4, 10 am

St. Hilda's, 5838 Barnacle St., Sechelt

The parish table exercise conducted at Diocesan Synod is available on the resource page of the website under the category at left, “Task Force on Physical Resources.”