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SFU has been doing an outstanding job evacuating and placing Afghan students and scholars into various grad and undergrad programs.

On December 2, I received the following query from Gretchen Ferguson, needing to source  temporary residence for an entering Afghan scholar and family:

"We are expecting the arrival of a PhD student from Afghanistan at some point in the near future - it could be before the holidays or it may not be until January or February.  He is currently in Pakistan, awaiting the results of his study permit application.  However, since one student just got approved and is now arriving on Dec 9, it is possible that his visa could be approved at any time. He is coming with his wife and his baby daughter (about 1 year old). The department that he will be in has mainly younger faculty, so no one has a home big enough to offer temporary accommodations to this family of three when they arrive."  

Please circulate this post to help get the word out and if you can offer any aid, contact the Diocesan Refugee Unit (DRU) by email ASAP.


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