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The Anglican Church Women of the diocese thank all parishes who ordered the 2019 Anglican Church of Canada Calendar through us. The proceeds from the sale will enable us to help with the costs of shipping bales to the Diocese of the Yukon.

ACW has been shipping bales of used clothing to the parishes of the Diocese of the Yukon since the 1950’s and we are grateful for the help from this Diocese in filling those bales.  The bales are approximately 3’ by 2’ by 1’ and are prepared in the ACW Place warehouse in Burnaby.  We send about 30 bales, three times a year, to the Diocese of the Yukon where they are received by the Cathedral in Whitehorse and then distributed to the 9 parishes that we assist.  We also assist an indigenous organization in the Cariboo.

If you would like to visit ACW Place to see the work of making bales, we would love to have you drop in any Monday morning from 9am until Noon, 7012 Merritt Avenue, Burnaby

There are a limited number of 2019 calendars still available at ACW Place, please call if you would like some, 604-876-3720.


Beth Fortin puts a bundle together at the diocesan ACW headquarters in 2016.