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The Parish of St. Cuthbert’s, Delta hosted the 55th AGM of the Anglican Church Women of the Diocese of New Westminster on Saturday, May 7. The theme of the AGM was “Thrive in God’s Service.”
At the AGM the following officers were elected:
  • Kelly Bowman    President
  • Ameila Foster     Vice President
  • Gail Revitt          Past President & Social Action
  • Alberta Rudolf    Secretary and Vancouver Council of Women       
  • Mary McIntyre   Treasurer
  • Vera Morgan      Membership (appointed position)
  • Beth Fortin         Social Action (appointed position)
  • Judith Carling       Member at large
  • Val Hampton        Member at large
  • Sylvia Enga          Member at large
  • Anne Blue            Member at large
  • Judy Nicholson    Member at large
Stepping down are:
  • Sheila Puls       Past President
  • Paulette Smith   SW area Rep
  • The Reverend Juanita Clark      Member at large
  • The Venerable Beverly Stewart  Chaplain

The event was well attended with 53 members plus guests.  Bishop John Stephens presided at the Eucharist,  installed the new board and blessed the ACW members and guests who were present. 

The guest speaker for the event was Joan Stewart of the diocesan-related, Westside Anglicans Neighborhood Ministry, a collaborative ministry offered by the Anglican parishes of St. Anselm’s, St. Philip’s, St. Helen’s, and St. John’s Shaughnessy on Vancouver’s Westside. The Neighbourhood Ministry offers care, companionship and practical help to their most vulnerable neighbours living on the Westside streets and in marginalized conditions. The newly elected president, Kelly Bowman remarked that the information contained in the talk provided wonderful examples of how we can "Thrive in God's Service"

When asked for comment about how Kelly Bowman sees her new role, she said:

As the new diocesan ACW President, I am delighted and honoured to be part of such a giving and gifted group of women. As I step into the role of president, I pray that God will inspire me to walk in the path Jesus set for us in servant leadership.

My vision is to lead into a thriving future that will last for generations. All Anglican Church Women, young and senior, to grow and flourish together. Let’s build upon the legacy gifted to us by learning and changing to adapt to our current and future progress as ACW.

I'm looking forward to meeting and working with many of you over the next 3 years. Together, we will thrive.


Left to Right (in front of Bishop Stephens): Judy, Sylvia, Ann, Kelly, Gail, Ameila, Beth, Alberta, Mary