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The Diocesan School for Diakonia announces its Epiphany Seminar 2014, “The Deacon and the Liturgy: An Introduction to Christian Worship”. The seminars of the School are open to all members of the Diocese, whether they are seeking ordination to the diaconate or not.

The Seminar will be held at Saint Faith’s Anglican Church (57th and Cypress) from 10am to 3pm, on

Saturday, 25 January
Saturday, 22 February
Saturday, 22 March

The cost of the seminar is $150 (payable to ‘The Unit for Deacons’) and does not include the cost of books. Limited scholarship assistance is available. The required texts are

  • James F. White, Introduction to Christian Worship (3rd edition)
  • Ormonde Plater, The Deacon in the Liturgy (2nd edition)
  • Evangelical Lutheran Worship (2006)
  • The Book of Alternative Services (1985)

Interested persons may contact the Rev. Dr Richard Geoffrey Leggett, Coordinator of Diaconal Formation, at 604.266.8011 to register

Image: Ikon of St Stephen one of the first deacons of the church.