The Rev. Neil Gray of Holy Trinity, White Rock

The Rev. Neil Gray, rector of Holy Trinity in White Rock, with his passion for gourmet food, is using culinary analogues to look at the different ways in which the Gospel is prepared and served by the four evangelists.

He says his Lent course will be an excellent introduction to biblical authority and interpretation for newcomers and neophytes but also a means of renewal for the established and the experienced.

On Wednesdays at 7 pm and repeating on Fridays at 2 pm he will take each of the four Gospel writers in turn:

For Mark, “less is more.” Gray will argue that Mark’s Gospel is like a skilfully prepared “jus”. The dramatic and formative years of the early Christian community boiled down and reduced into a rich, deep, full sixteen chapters.

Matthew is seen as a “retro” chef, who saw his job to call the Christian movement to taste and savour its Jewish history and heritage and to see the Hebrew scriptures whetting their appetite for Jesus of Nazareth.

Luke’s message was “try this, you’ll like it.” Some food is strange and unfamiliar and we are reluctant to eat it unless encouraged by a knowledgeable and trusted guide. Luke wrote his gospel to persuade the Gentiles that Christianity was not a dangerous and subversive religion.

Finally, for John “garnish is important.” The first chapter of John’s Gospel is like a carefully chosen and elegantly arranged garnish on a well-cooked entree. It prepares our taste-buds to anticipate the flavours in the dish.

The first session begins on March 4 and March 6. Holy Trinity is at 15115 Roper Avenue, White Rock, 604 531-0884,