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Registration and Fundraising Happening Now!

The Long, Long Night of Hope 2019 Event: Feb 23

Visit the website for details and detailed registration and fundraising information.

The Long, Long Night of Hope is back for its third amazing year!

Registration is now underway for The Long, Long Night of Hope 2019, and we need YOU to make it bigger and better than ever!

In just two years, The Long, Long Night of Hope helped St. John’s at 220 West 8TH Street in North Van, distribute over $30,000 to The Lookout Housing and Health Society in North Vancouver. All monies raised stay on the North Shore, to help the ever-growing number of homeless people in our community.

No one is homeless by choice. People are sleeping on the streets, in their vehicles, on friend’s couches, or in shelters for a number of reasons, including financial crises, reno-viction, and mental illness. A growing number of them are senior citizens, people who have worked hard their entire lives but cannot afford housing on their meager pension.

We cannot sweep it under the rug, and make homelessness some else’s problem. If we work together, we can build long-term solutions for the homelessness crisis in our community.

You can help. Donate, or register and become a participant in The Long, Long Night of Hope 2019.

Registration is free and you can set your own goal:

  • there is no minimum amount to raise
  • immediately start raising money online by sharing your personal fundraising page with your friends and family via email and social media
  • challenge your friends and family to join, too!

Then join us on February 23 as we spend the cold winter’s night sleeping in our cars, just as so many homeless people do every night.

Cold? Probably

Uncomfortable? Yes.

Sleepless? Possibly. But it will be the most fulfilling sleepless night of your life.

Homelessness is not Hopelessness. Be the Hope.

For more information, or to register as a participant, visit our website

Go straight to the detailed registration pages