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Mr. Neale Adams - Christ Church Cathedral
Neale wrote the history of Christ Church Cathedral, Living Stones. He has served as a Trustee of
Christ Church Cathedral, as Diocesan Communications Officer and Editor of Topic. He has used his considerable professional skills as a reporter to the benefit of the diocese for many years.
Mrs. Pat (Emily Patricia) Allen - Holy Trinity Cathedral
Pat is a lifelong member of the Anglican Church who has been particularly involved with the ACW. Her vast knowledge of people in the parish and the story of the community led naturally to her nearly 20-year care of the parish archives.
Ms. Dorothy Alt - The Parish of St. Michael, Surrey
Along with her husband, Dorothy is one of the founding members of St. Michael, Surrey. In 1949 Dorothy completed an extensive survey of the Colebrooke area of Surrey (primarily by walking!) and has offered many years of service in the Sunday
School, ACW and music ministries.
Dr. Anne Anthony - The Parish of St. Philip, Vancouver (Deceased)
Lay Secretary to Synod for many years; involved in the diocesan ministry of Stewards In Action for
many years; most recently has been a member of Synod Planning; she is a stalwart member of St. Philip’s and is known as their
un-official photographer; Anne has also been a member of General Synod.

Mr. Michael Ashby - The Parish of St. Catherine, North Vancouver

Michael has been a dedicated and faithful member of our church for almost 40 years. His expertise with financial matters has made him invaluable to the parish, the diocese and Mission to Seafarers. Michael has also been a long time, passionate supporter of ministry to and with refugees.
Ms. Vera Askew - The Parish of St. Bartholomew, Gibsons
Vera has been persistent in pursuing the ideal that the church is to serve God particularly through mission. Her tenacity has helped this church in many ways but particularly in keeping the focus on God.
Mrs. Lorna Bakker - The Parish of St. Oswald
Lorna’s service to the church goes back to the 1950s and at St. Oswald’s she has held several leadership positions. Lorna also does all the small things that ensure Sunday worship is wonderful.
Mr. Fred Belsham - The Parish of St. John the Baptist, Sardis
Fred has served the parish for the past 31 years. He is acknowledged by many as keeping the parish together as a worshiping community during a difficult time and he continues to be, an example and inspiration to young and old alike within the parish.
Mr. Ian Birtwell - Christ Church Cathedral
Ian’s expertise with finances and leadership skills have been gifts to the Cathedral for many, many years. He has had a significant role in many of the Cathedral renovation projects. Ian has also served the diocese on the Stewardship Development Committee.
Mr. Derek Bolton - The Parish of All Saints, Mission
Derek has been a faithful servant for many years. In addition to his leadership and wise counsel he has freely given of his skills as a craftsman by creating many beautiful pieces for the parish. Derek has also served the diocese as a Deanery Representative to Diocesan Council.
Ms. Margaret Briscall - The Parish of St. Mary, Kerrisdale

Margaret has been an active Anglican for her whole life and over the years has held many different positions in the parish and in the diocese. Today Margaret is an active member of the Cathedral Chapter, the Ordained Ministry Division, the Clergy Compensation Committee, the Grants and Loans Committee, the Human Resources Task Force and the Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Appointments.

Mr. Mike Burpee - The Parish of St. Clare-in-the-Cove
Mike chaired the Diocesan Task Force on Physical Resources and then the Ministry Assessment Process Implementation Team. He served on the Diocesan Council Strategic Planning Group and was a member of the writing team of Plan 2018 and the Parish Mission Review (PMR). He has brought passion, clarity of vision and insight to the church in transition.
Mrs. Penny Charlesworth - Christ Church Cathedral
Penny has been in leadership at Christ Church Cathedral for over 20 years. She has served the diocese as a member of the Cathedral Chapter, a Deanery representative on Diocesan Council, a member of the Synod Planning Committee and the Ministry and Congregational Development Committee.
Dr. John Conway - The Parish of St. James, Vancouver
John was a founding member of the PWRDF Unit 30 years ago and has been active with the Diocesan Refugee Unit for many, many years. John’s commitment to supporting and advocating for refugees has been a heartfelt ministry as he has a deep empathy for those who have been displaced. He is also a well-respected and widely published Church historian.
Mrs. Shirley Cook - The Church of the Epiphany, Surrey (Died February 8, 2022)
Shirley has been and is a leader in the parish and the community. She has been a major supporter of families facing ALS. Even 14 years after her husband succumbed to ALS she continues to provide significant support for families facing this terrible disease.
Mr. Ronald Cooper - The Parish of St. Laurence, Coquitlam
Ronald has given many years of service to St. Laurence through a variety of rolls. He is also active in the community through the SHARE Family & Community Service. Ron has served on the diocesan Stewardship Development Committee several times.
Mrs. Margaret Crabtree - The Parish of St. Thomas, Chilliwack
Margaret has been active in the parish since 1958, working particularly with children and young people. Margaret and her husband Norman established a fund that provides money to St. Thomas Church for work with the youth of the parish.
Mr. Jack Croll - The Parish of St. Francis-in-the-Wood
Jack is a parishioner at St. Francis-in-the-Wood in West Vancouver where he’s been an active and generous supporter of the parish for many years. His financial acumen has been enormously helpful to the Parish and Cathedral in their building renovation fund raising efforts. Jack is known as someone who works quietly behind the scenes to make things happen.
Mr. Terry Cutforth - The Parish of St. Michael, Vancouver
Terry has been at St. Michael’s for over 45 years and his leadership has resulted in many improvements to the parish buildings. He is particularly proud of the contribution to the sanctuary of a steel support frame that protects (without detracting from) the Baptismal font.
Mr. Desmond Eadie - The Parish of St. Anselm, Vancouver
In addition to serving in many diff erent roles in the parish, Desmond has been a Lay Delegate to Provincial Synod, a Lay Delegate to General Synod and Diocesan Treasurer. In the National Church he has been a member of the Administration and Finance Committee and the Anglicans in Mission Fund Raising Committee.
Ms. Betty Edwardson - The Parish of St. Philip, Vancouver (deceased)
Betty has played an active part of the St. Philip’s community since 1952 and she has given her time and talent to almost every aspect of parish life. This has included volunteering in the church office for many years, a job she has done full-time for the past 18 years.
The late Mrs. Anne Falcos - The Parish of All Saints, Ladner (Anne’s award was accepted on behalf of her family by her son, Tony Falcos)

During her more than 40 years at All Saints, Anne faithfully worked quietly behind the scenes supporting the parish in its mission and parishioners on their life journeys. After the death of her son, following a lengthy illness, she established a small fund to help other parents (parishioners) in similar times of need.

Mr. Jim Green -The Parish of St. Monica’s, Horseshoe Bay
Jim has been a leader in the parish for many years. When St. Monica has gone through stormy times, Jim has had a calming infl uence. Difficult decisions are rarely made without considering his independent assessment of both sides of an issue.
The late Ms. Audrey Halsey - The Parish of St. John, North Vancouver (Audrey’s award will be accepted on her behalf by Ms. Ann Bodwell from St. John’s)

Audrey was an active member of the parish from 1992 and served in many different positions. She also spoke at several churches in the diocese about her experience nursing in the North and in Sri Lanka. Within the diocese, Audrey was also very active in the VST Auxiliary (now the Friends of VST).

Mr. Stanley Hodgson - The Parish of St. Mark, Ocean Park
Stanley has been an active Anglican for many years. At St. Mark’s, he has been a leader and builder of both buildings and Christian Spirituality in others. He is a humble man and feels that his years of hard work in the church are a reflection of his love for the Lord.
Mr. Basil Izumi - The Parish of Holy Cross, Vancouver
Basil has been a faithful member and leader in the parish for many years. When the parish went through a very diffi cult time, Basil was one of the few who chose to remain with the parish. He accepted the appointment by the Bishop to the position of Bishop’s Warden of the parish, a position he still holds today.
Ms. Pamela Jeacocke - The Parish of St. James, Vancouver
Pamela has been a part of St. James for over 40 years and has ministered in a wide variety ways. She has served on the Board of Cooper Place intermediate care facility and is currently a member of the St. James Social Service Society.
Ms. Roberta Kelly - The Parish of St. Hilda, Sechelt
Bobbi has served on various parish committees and groups for many years and is known in the parish for her caring and pastoral heart. She has a special gift for recognizing when someone is in need and is able to come alongside them to bring them comfort.
Mr. David Kimpton - The Parish of St. Alban, Richmond
David’s service to St. Alban’s has been and continues to be extensive. He has also worked with a broad range of organizations that support marginalized and vulnerable people. David has been distinguished several times for his extensive volunteer work in the community.
Ms. Elizabeth Klassen - The Parish of St. Margaret, Cedar Cottage
Elizabeth has been a dedicated part of the St. Margaret’s community for 22 years and during that time she has generously given of herself in a variety of ways. She quietly finds ways of making the parish a beautiful and welcoming place to be.
Mrs. Betty Lamble - The Parish of St. George, Vancouver
Betty has been a very active member of St. George’s since 1958. She was instrumental in the creation of St. George’s Place, a building that includes worship space and social area with 19 below-market housing units for a combination of people with and without disabilities.
Mrs. Joan Longley - The Parish of St. Paul, Vancouver
Joan has been a very active member of St. Paul, in particular the Altar Guild for many years. She is also a dedicated member of the Royal Canadian Legion and has received several awards in recognition of this work, including the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal.
Mrs. Heather Luccock - The Parish of St. Catherine, North Vancouver
As a life-long Anglican, Heather has been active in the church since childhood. In particular she has been active with children’s ministries, in the parish, the diocese and with Camp Artaban. Heather has also been very active in Pastoral Care and Christian Education.
Ms. Gillian McIntyre - The Parish of St. Faith, Vancouver
Gillian is a person who witnesses to the miracle of Christ’s presence in the demands of daily life. She has been a pillar of the St. Faith community and has exemplified the dedication, empathy and clear thinking that keeps the parish strong and welcoming.
Mr. David Quinton - The Parish of Holy Trinity, Vancouver
David has a long history of service to Camp Artaban and Holy Trinity, Vancouver. He has held numerous positions with Artaban from Executive Director to organizing supplies and everything in between. David is a passionate advocate for Youth ministry and Christian camping.
Ms. Elizabeth Rebbeck - The Parish of St. Andrew, Langley
Beth has been a faithful member of St. Andrew’s since the mid 1950s. Over the years she has been involved in many aspects of parish life with her focus being pastoral care. At 90+ years, she is the ‘roadrunner’ of pastoral visitation, but instead of “beep beep,” she is so very quiet about her ministry.
Mrs. Doreen Reid - The Parish of St. Dunstan, Aldergrove
Doreen has been a member of St. Dunstan’s since 1959. She has always been someone who does all those little things that are so important, never calling attention to herself, or looking for praise and recognition, but quietly, humbly and steadfastly doing what needs to be done.
Mr. Richard Roberts - The Parish of St. Agnes
Dick Roberts has been a life-long Anglican who has served the parish for over 60 years in various capacities. He is an outstanding parishioner, witnessing to and giving freely of his time, talent and treasure. He is a faithful and faith-filled parishioner and Christian.
Mrs. Frances Ruegg - The Parish of St. Martin
Fran has served faithfully for many years in the parish, the diocese and the wider community. She has been very active in the ACW holding several leadership positions in the parish and on the Diocesan Board. Fran has also been a faithful leader in Girl Guides both locally and provincially.
Mrs. Muriel Shearer - The Parish of St. Helen, Surrey
Muriel has been a very active member of St. Helen’s for many, many years. Along with her husband they would take their Shelties to make visits in Hospitals and Nursing Homes. At an Outreach lunch program Muriel would bring her sewing machine and offer, “Repairs & Alterations While You Eat.”
Mrs. Naomi Shimizu -The Parish of All Saints, Burnaby
Naomi has served continuously in an outstanding way since 1958 always focusing on the Anglican Church, its Christian community and how she can help. Her wonderful food ministry has always been inspired by her motto, “No one should go home hungry.”
Mr. Norman Song - The Parish of St. Margaret of Scotland (deceased June 5, 2018)
Norman has been and continues to be an active part of the St. Margaret’s community. His passions are Seniors housing and the environment. In both of these areas he has been able to make a major difference to the North Burnaby area. In 2003 he was given the Burnaby Local Hero award.
Mrs. Catherine (Kit) Stevenson - The Parish of St. Christopher, West Vancouver
Kit has a long history of service to the Parish and the Diocese. Kit’s passion for the dignity and respect of women led her to take action and she helped to found the Diocesan Unit Against Violence and Pornography — a group that did much to raise awareness of and speak out against abuse of women in our society. DECEASED February 5th, 2013
Mr. James Stewart - The Parish of St. George, Langley (Presented with the award that was given last year)

Jim has been Treasurer of the Diocese through some of the greatest challenges we have faced in recent years. As Chair of the Administration and Finance Committee, he has provided a great deal of help to parishes in this Diocese.

Ms. D. Marion Thomas - The Parish of Holy Trinity, Vancouver
Marion has been a very active member of the Holy Trinity community since 1995. She has served on Parish Council, helps with organizing the duties for Sunday Services and has provided support to various administrative and outreach work in the parish.
Mrs. Margaret (Peggy) Upton - The Parish of St. Thomas, Vancouver
Peggy has been a life-long member of St. Thomas offering her ministry in many ways. She is a generous steward and a person that gives of herself without limit or complaint, whose spirit is ever positive and who is remembered for her care and concern for others.
Mr. Alexander Wakarchuk - The Parish of St. David, Delta
Al has been a parishioner at St. David’s since 1976. During his time in the parish he has served on many parish and diocesan committees. Along with his wife, he is a dedicated volunteer at YVR. He is a man with a servant-heart that generously shares his ministry with others.
Mr. Garth Walker - The Parish of St. Mary, Kerrisdale (deceased)
Garth has been a very active Anglican (from parish to National Church) for all of his 95 years. Garth is responsible for the creation of the diocesan archives where, until very recently he was still a regular volunteer. In 1998 he received the Anglican Award of Merit — the first person from the diocese to be so honoured. DECEASED September 19th, 2012
Mrs. Ellen Westcott - The Parish of St. Francis-in-the-Wood

Ellen is one of those people that is involved in so many aspects of Parish Life that is it difficult to capture it all. She is one of those people that is often behind the scenes, working hard. The only thing that has stopped Ellen from continuing in her many roles is that at 93 years old, even she has had to slow down.