The Rev. David Reuss died January 21. He was 69.

After serving in the dioceses of Caledonia, Yukon and Kootenay, he was priest at St. Alban's and St. Dunstan's from 1983 to 1989. He also did work at Camp Artaban, St. Mark's Ocean Park, and in several other parishes.

Born in Fakenham, Norfolk, England, Reuss came to Canada, a R.A.F. Chaplain, as a boy. The family returned to settle in Canada after the Second World War. Before responding to a call to ordination, he worked as a railroad telegrapher and taught in BC Schools. He receieved his BA from UBC in 1960, and theology diploma from Wycliffe College in 1967.

He served as an ordained deacon at St. Edward’s, Richmond, in 1968, and as priest in Whitehorse in 1971. A railway enthusiast, he edited a history of the BC Electric Railway