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On May 27, the members of the Parish of St. Mark’s, Ocean Park said thank you and farewell to the Reverend John Mash and his wife Dorothy for their 48 years of Christian ministry, four of them in the parish. 

As preacher for the Eucharist, Mash spoke about his life in the church, saying that the church is not the building, not a hierarchy, not the theological niceties but the people. He reminisced about the people whom he’d ministered to over the years

He said that, “when you were visited, I was being visited and ministered to as well.”  In conclusion he shared these words:

“what a privilege, what a special honour, what a responsibility it has been that you have ministered to me as I have ministered to you.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are the face of God to me.” 

Following the sermon, the Reverend Craig Tanksley, rector of St. Mark’s read a letter from Archbishop Skelton. She described John as “warm, encouraging, dedicated and articulate.”  Tanksley mentioned that John and Dorothy are “great gifts to have amongst us.” 

At the post worship celebration, John and Dorothy were thanked with flowers, two sheet cakes and an eight verse ditty with lyrics written by Roger Hussen, sung by the choir to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.” 

John & Dorothy Mash were also diocesan chaplains to the retired clergy of the diocese, roles that they relinquished in the spring of 2018 after years of service. They are now enjoying full time retirement.  


  • Rector's warden, Barb Walks, Rev. John and Dorothy  Mash, Rev. Craig Tanksley
  • Craig Tanksley with Dorothy and John at the reception.

Photos:  Jock Ferguson