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Jeremy sought the help of the Advocacy Office because his application for Person with Disabilities through Social Assistance was denied.   

When we met with him, we quickly realized that the limitation period for his Reconsideration was soon to expire.  After a close review, we decided to request clarifications and details from his doctor which we felt were vital in his case.  

Since the doctor’s response will take some time, we had to request a Reconsideration time extension. We had to pay very close attention to this file since a Reconsideration extension application can only be done a day or 2 before the due date.  

After receiving the much needed extension, we patiently waited for the doctor’s report to arrive.  The Reconsideration office in Victoria was very helpful. They gave us a reminder call the day before the final due date.  On that same day, we received the doctor’s report.  We had  immediately prepared the additional documents and incorporated the evidence.  All these were then faxed to the Victoria Office.  

With all required documents submitted, we waited for the outcome. A couple of weeks later, Jeremy called to say he had been approved for PWD.   

A lot of last minute work, but worth it for the client.  

As narrated by Ellen Silvergieter, Advocacy Office Director