In eighteen hundred and eighty-five,

The ACW began to thrive.

It's name in those days was WA.

Most everyone wished that name to stay.

In cities and towns the church groups were there

Working together in stewardship and prayer.

Bake sales, bazaars, dinners and teas;

And many more projects such as these -

Fueled our charities and our service to all.

Local parish, district and world, we respond to the call.

Bales for the North, nursing homes too.

Layettes for newborns, a Food Bank crew.

Children's Hospital, St. James Church Eastside,

The Seafarers' Mission, we cast our nets wide.

In 1966 came a change of name,

Not WA, but ACW, but we're still in the game.

Not auxiliary, but an integral part,

Of the Church Universal, in fact we're the heart.

Our fellowship is caring, supportive and fun.

English Teas, Fashion shows, Fair Nights are some

Of the things we enjoy. But here's the best part,

It's the laughter we share and the love we impart.

A Century plus of love, work and care.

The Anglican Church Women will always be there.

Changes are made but the same we remain

To serve the Church gladly and give for God's gain,

To use our gifts wisely with love as the key,

To benefit His Children where'er they may be.