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To say that West Vancouver’s St. Christopher’s Church was a work in progress under wraps was actually true for much of this summer and fall. The bell tower was rotten, and the possibility of one of the parishioners being literally bonged out became a worrisome truth. Along with the bell tower, it was discovered that the window frames in the three stained glass window walls were also rotten and in need of not only esthetic repair but also structural repair as the vertical beams, integral load-bearing parts of the building had also been affected by the rot.

 The Reverend Michael McGee, wardens Doreen Pewsey, Ron Wood, Vivienne Adams, and treasurer Sandy Aird contacted several companies, and using the expertise of parishioner, Dr. John Ruddick, Professor of Forestry at U.B.C. together worked out a plan. BRG Construction was hired with Nova Glass to undertake the work.

Following the repair of the east window, the committee authorized the repair of the other two windows and the basement windows as well.

BRG Construction suggested that access to the bell platform was easier than had originally been thought, drew up a plan that was approved, and manufactured and installed a bell tower as a gift to St. Christopher’s for which the entire congregation is truly grateful.

Now the next pressing concern is fund-raising to pay for the work. The total cost was $86,000. A “windows cam(pane)” has been initiated, and in the parish hall has been placed a drawing of the north window with most of the coloured panes empty. As each donation reaches $1200.00 a new pane will be coloured in by originating artist Elizabeth Cox.

 Several fund-raising schemes are in the making, and St. Christopher’s hopes to have the debt paid off within the year. A donation book in the narthex can record special donations given in memory of loved ones. All amounts are anonymous.

Everyone is invited to the church services to enjoy the spirit of the parish and to take a look and appreciate the work completed this fall to the glory of God.

Image: Vivienne Adams, deputy warden; Sandy Aird, treasurer and Elizabeth Cox, artist take a good look at the graphics charting the progress of the Window Cam ‘PANE’ PHOTO: Hilary Clark