The cutline for the last photo, lower left on page 13 of the September/October 2023 ‘Fall’ issue of Topic (the publication of the Diocese of New Westminster published 8 times a year and delivered as a section of the national publication, The Anglican Journal) incorrectly identifies the person on the far right. Many thanks to the Reverend Karin Fulcher, co-chaplain for the Diocesan Retired Clergy and Spouses for drawing my attention to the fact that the person is Judith Pike (not Peake), the spouse of the other co-chaplain, the Venerable Andrew Pike. Judith was instrumental in making the Spring Luncheon a huge success and I am so sorry for the gaff.


  • The Reverend Karin Fulcher and Judith Pike
  • Judith prepares flower arrangements during the event set-up

Photos Jane Dittrich.