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Diocesan Property Committee members, the Reverends Paul Woehrle and Tellison Glover recommend this program to parishes who are actively involved or are considering development of their parish's property. As of the date of posting the courses are not yet ready for registration, however pre-registration is available.

Here is the link to the website where you will find an information video, additional content and a 'pre'-registration submission form

TCF Property Course is a series of toolkits, aimed at supporting church board members. Our hope is to educate faith communities across Canada, as they leverage strategic partnerships and government programs required to build the financial sustainability of their properties. By repositioning these properties towards the many charities who need space, new structures will also allow faith communities to remain in their communities and see new seasons of growth.

Course Sections Include:

  • From Doom to Delight
  • A director’s responsibility
  • Property Valuation Basics
  • Housing Development: A primer
  • All Bottom Line(s)
  • Can we do this on our own?
  • How to convince (or confuse) a CityTCF’s
  • Secret Sauce: The Art Of The Possible
  • TCF’s Property Course will be released early 2023. Pre-Register Now!

Sponsored by the Charis Foundation and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation