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On Thursday, November 23, diocesan communications mobilized to produce Bishop John’s annual Advent Pastoral video presentation for the diocese. Diocesan filmmaker/videographer, Cliff Caprani was as usual on hand for primary photography, but this time he brought with him his younger brother Peter. Peter had arrived at YVR from Dublin for a brief visit to attend his sister-in-law’s (Cliff’s spouse) Nicky Stowell’s memorial service at St. Anne, Steveston, November 25, 2023, and to support his big brother during this difficult time.  Nicky died October 11, 2023, following a year of health challenges.

As many know, Bishop John was born in Ireland and his family have very deep roots in the Emerald Isle. The bishop and Peter had a great talk about the part of the country where the Stephens family is from and reeled off the names of numerous villages in the vicinity. Peter who had a long career as an insurance adjustor had clients in that part of Ireland and knows the territory very well. It was great fun to listen to their discussion.

However, the principal purpose of the post is this photo which I was lucky to get and wanted to share with those who visit the website for news updates or subscribe to the Diocesan E-News .

Photo Peter and Cliff Caprani

Photo: Randy Murray