"Under the Overpass" at St. Mary's

As members of Granville-Point Grey Deanery work to find ways and means of mutual cooperation in light of Plan 2018, they are staging an exciting new conference on the evening of Tonight, September 29 at St. Mary's, Kerrisdale. The Keynote speaker at "Under the Overpass" will be author and social activist Mike Yankoski.
As college students back in 2003, Mike and his friend Sam Purvis decided to find out what life was really like for the poor in America. So they voluntarily became homeless and travelled through five different cities over a five-month period.
All they took with them was a few bare essentials and two acoustic guitars. Singing worship songs as they panhandled, Mike and Sam got to know homeless people in a totally new way. They also saw firsthand how churches did or did not respond to their needs.
A major result of this odyssey was Mike's bestselling 2005 book Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America.
Mike and his wife Danae are now Master's students at Regent College. His mission is well known in North America through his websites www.undertheoverpass.com and www.yankoski.com, and through speaking engagements like the

forthcoming evening at St. Mary's.