Members of the Diocesan Council Strategic Working Group:
Mike Burpee, Rob Dickson, Jim Steward, Ron Harrison, Dean Peter Elliott, Ian Roberson, Paul Borthistle, Marcia Sauder, and Jeremy Clark-King

Big changes may be coming to the Diocese of New Westminster. Diocesan leaders continue to work on the Diocesan Strategic Plan (“Plan 2018”) which will set the direction of the diocese for the next ten years. Many of these leaders are serving on what has been called the Diocesan Council Strategic Working Group, headed by Dean Peter Elliott and Communications Committee chair Jane Osler.

Best known of the plan are the 10 Diocesan Priorities developed over the past year through a wide-ranging consultative process. But to implement these Priorities and meet modern challenges, a lot of change has to take place.

There are three parts to the Diocesan Plan. The first involves making the priorities reality, both on diocesan and parish levels, tapping the energy of Anglicans passionate about one or more of them.

The second part is the ministry assessment process (“the MAP”) through which individual parishes or regional groups of parishes discern what they want their future mission to be.

And the third part involves reorganizing the diocese’s structure – the standing committees, the clergy leaders (archdeacons, regional deans, etc.) and their roles, and staff in the Synod Office. More support is required for all clergy of the diocese, pastoral and otherwise.

All of this requires resources. The Diocesan Treasurer and others are looking into ways to raise the necessary money.

Diocesan Council’s Strategic Plan Working Group: Dean Peter Elliott and Jane Osler (co-chairs), Marcia Sauder, Mike Burpee, the Rev. Jeremy Clark King, Jim Stewart, Ian Robertson, the Ven. Ronald Harrison, Rob Dickson, and the Rev. Paul Borthistle