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The PWRDF Unit in our diocese is continuing to focus on the two areas they began on the Reign of Christ in 2015.

These are:
1) the development work with water projects in Tanzania and East Africa and
2) food security and food production projects with partners in Cuba.\

Bishop Skelton has given her full support for the PWRDF unit to engage in this work with parishes during Lent. The unit will welcome your involvement.

Material ( photos, description and liturgical ) will be sent to each parish to use during Lent.
The chairperson Peter Goodwin is available for further information on either of these two areas. Please also let him know if you are planning activities in the parish during Lent regarding these two areas.

Peter would welcome the opportunity to visit parishes beginning in Lent and give a presentation on PWRDF and the Food Security initiatives that PWRDF supports through its two partners in Cuba, the Episcopal Diocese of Cuba and the Cuban Council of Churches. Peter was a member from our diocese of the PWRDF Food Security Delegation to Cuba in March 2015.

Following upon Peter Goodwin and Tessa Dudley’s participation in the PWRDF Food Security Delegation to Cuba there is current planning with PWRDF and the Episcopal Diocese of Cuba for our diocese to undertake a fund raising initiative to assist St.Mary the Virgin Church in Itabo with constructing a greenhouse. This parish hosted the PWRDF delegates and is where small scale parish based food production first began in the early 1990’s. A greenhouse will allow for a source of year round fresh food production for parishioners and others in Itabo while providing a prototype for other parishes to pursue.

Please dowload the resources available from PWRDF Greetings letter from Peter GoodwinPrayers of the PeopleFood Security in CubaLiturgical ResourcesWater in Tanzania

Please contact Peter by e-mail at or by phone at 604-929-6143.