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With this being a year to elect General Synod Delegates (General Synod the National Meeting of the Anglican Church of Canada held every three years) there were quite a few more candidates and fewer acclamations than in the two previous years. Below is a list of Diocesan Officers elected for the next two years until Synod 2017.

Anglican Initiative's Fund 

(Clerical)Stephanie Shepard; (Lay) Margaret Briscall

Bishop's Advisory Committee on Appointments

(Clerical) Neil Gray; (Clerical) Michael McGeeBishop's; (Lay) Eric Harris; (Lay) Susan McGee

Board of Discipline

(Clerical)David Price; (Clerical) Sharon Salomons; (Clerical) John Stephens; (Lay) Margaret Briscall; (Lay) Janet Hill; (Lay) Andrew Stephens-Rennie

Burrard Archdeaconry

(Clerical) Expedito Farinas; (Lay) Mark Munn

Capilano Archdeaconry

(Clerical Janice Lowell; (Lay) Ian Thomas

Diocesan Council Youth Representatives

Kimberly Blair; Christopher Sims


Bob Hardy

Fraser Archdeaconry

(Clerical) Louie Engnan; (Lay) Joan Cope

General Synod Delegates - Clerical

Heidi Brear; Peter Elliott; Douglas Fenton; Lynne McNaughton; Brian Vickers

Alternates: Richard Leggett; Stephen Muir; Paula Porter-Leggett; Alisdair Smith; Patrick Blaney

General Synod Delegates - Lay

Abby Cline (Youth Delegate); Melanie Delva; Robert Dickson; Cameron Gutjahr; Glen Mitchell; Jane Osler

Alternates: Temiloluwa Alao (Youth Delegate); Alex Starr; Pamela McElheran; Mary McIntyre; Alecia Greenfield; Simon Johnston and Chris Richards

Loughheed Archdeaconry

(Clerical) Paul Bowie; (Lay) Maureen Simons

Provincial Synod Delegates - Clerical

Ruth Monette; Jessica Schaap

Alternates: Allen Doerksen; Janice Lowell

Provincial Synod Delegates - Lay

Cameron Gutjahr; Mary McIntyre; Caitlin Reilley Beck

Alternate: Anne Schreck

Secretaries of Synod

(Clerical) Howie Adan; (Lay) Kim Hodge

Vancouver Archdeaconry

(Clerical) Richard Leggett; (Lay) Carol Simpson

Westminster Archdeaconry

(Clerical) Steve Thompson; (Lay) Maureen Thompson