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The Board of Vancouver School of Theology announces with regret that The Reverend Dr. Wendy Fletcher has decided not to resume the office of Principal and Dean at the conclusion of her sabbatical year in December 2012. At that time she will return to her first love, which is teaching, as Professor of the History of Christianity at VST. Everyone associated with VST is very pleased that we will have the fulltime benefit of Wendy's scholarship, teaching skills and her gift for friendship.

In 2000 Wendy came to VST from Huron College, the University of Western Ontario, to serve as Dean of the school. In 2005, she took on the additional duties of Principal. During her time as Principal, Wendy not only fulfilled the normal duties of a head of college, but made many necessary and difficult decisions which have preserved the school and made a healthy future possible. She now believes that it is time to lay down the burden of leadership and to allow someone else to guide the school through the next steps of its journey into that future.

Perhaps the last word should belong to Wendy herself:

"This labour of love we have been engaged in together has been a very bittersweet journey, complicated, challenged and oftentimes grace-filled. Praise God who held us at all times and in all things. Meister Eckhart often stressed that if the only prayer we ever offered was "Thank you," it would be enough. With gratitude I offer thanks."
The Board now says "Thank you” to Wendy for her years of devoted service to VST and, above all, to God for Wendy's ministry among us.
 Dr. Heather Clarke, Chair of the Board of Governors of VST
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