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Take part in St. Catherine, Capilano's, Vicar of Dibley Marathon on Saturday, October 25 - this may well be your only chance to binge-watch all 20 episodes of this BBC hit comedy back-to-back! And for what a good cause - you'll be raising some funds for St. Catherine's!

Here’s the trick – it’s free to enter at 9am, but you have to pay if you leave early. 

That’s right – if you leave in the first hour, it will cost you a thousand bucks! If you leave before 11 a.m., though, don’t worry – you'll only get hit up for $200. Leave before 1, and it’ll cost $150. And so on. If you make it to the end of the night, you’ll get off scott free!
But you’ll still be raising money for the church. People who aren’t able to come themselves are invited to pledge a donation for every marathoner who is still present -  and at least semi-awake! -  when the event wraps up at 9 or 10 at night. Marathoners are encouraged to collect personal pledges from their family and friends as well.
If you can only come for an hour or two, we’ll make an exception and give you a three-show pass for a minimum donation of $30. We hope everyone else is in for the long-term!

We promise you that this will be a really fun day, with lots of the Vicar of Dibley’s favourite foods, trivia contests, lots of laughs, and great company. 

Please pre-register with Peggy ( /604-619-5576) or Heather at (
so they can know food and space requirements.  

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