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As a peaceful response to the Stanley Cup riot last week, Christ Church Cathedral along with a coalition of downtown churches is organizing a Walk For Peace this Sunday, June 26 starting at 2:15pm at Christ Church Cathedral.
The Walk For Peace follows a community forum hosted by Christ Church Cathedral called "Vancouver after the Riots: Where do we go from here?" taking place from 12:30 to 2pm at Christ Church. All welcome!
At 2:30pm, participants will walk from Christ Church down Georgia Street, site of the riots, to Larwill Park at Cambie & Georgia where two police cruisers were burned.
At Larwill Park there will be a benediction by Peter Elliott, Dean of Christ Church, followed by a moment's silence and then a traditional First Nations' Smudge Cleansing or Purifying Ceremony by Leslie Nelson, a Cree-Metis Sundancer and member of Warriors Against Violence.
The Walk For Peace is meant to accomplish three things:

* A peaceful response to violence
* A reclaiming of our downtown public streets and spaces
* A smudge ceremony to cleanse and purify ground tarnished by violence.

2:15pm : Assembly
Christ Church Anglican Cathedral (Georgia & Burrard)

2:30pm: Walk For Peace
Along Georgia St from Burrard St to Larwill Park @ Cambie

3:00pm: Benediction at Larwill Park
Very Reverend Peter Elliott, Dean of Christ Church

3:10pm: Message of Peace

3:15pm: Moment of Silence for those injured during riot

3:20pm: Traditional First Nations Smudge Cleansing Ceremony
Leslie Nelson, Cree-Metis Sundancer, Warriors Against Violence