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Visit the Parish of St. Anselm's over the month of October, as they honour and mark Homeless Action Month. Over the course of the month hear and celebrate the gifts of all volunteers in this ministry and their impacts on their neighbourhood, as well as learning more about how one might become more involved.

This year's theme is "We are One Body in the Light of Christ '' which takes two visual symbolisms. The colour yellow and the image of a tree. For many cultures and generations,  trees have been a source of spiritual nourishment, healing, rootedness, transformation, fertility, and liberation. Christ died on a tree, the cross, and trees play an important part in our ecology, because they are  connected to the health of our planet's systems. Yellow is a colour of joy and the presence of God, which along with the tree makes it a fitting way to visually mark this special month, because in God's joyful presence we are all liberated through God's nourishing transformation. A transformation that our ministry to the homeless seeks to empower by helping to break the stigmas and barriers between us.

Each week  the parish will offer prayers and listening. This is an opportunity to sing and learn about what God is up to through this ministry with us. St. Anselm's will be taking a special collection of food items during October for friends in need, a list of which is supplied in the poster attached to this story below.

Come and join with us again as we explore this vital ministry in our neighbourhood. All are welcome! Bring a friend!