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After the deanery of North Vancouver went through the Ministry Assessment Process (MAP) in 2009-2010, the North Vancouver Regional Council was formed in March 2011. The council is comprised of the incumbents/priests-in-charge and two elected members of each of the six North Vancouver Anglican communities, and also including the Pastor and one lay member from Gloria Dei Lutheran church as well as one Treasurer from the deanery.
Part of the communications strategy for the council is to maintain a presence on the web at This website will be used to:
- advertise deanery-wide events
- advertise special events at member parishes
- communicate with parishioners about the ongoing activities of regional council

The page could help other regions within the diocese implementing their ministry plan as a record of the process North Vancouver went through. Additionally, it might attract the eyes of people outside the diocese who are interested in new ways of doing ministry, and the benefits and pitfalls of coordinating ministry across a region.
The page is still in its infancy, with only a few posts. However, we will work to add more content to make it more engaging, and it is easy to follow along by signing up for the mail list or to follow the blog.