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St. Clement’s, Lynn Valley, was in a particularly festive mood as the Sunday service began on July 15 – in the middle of the usual Pentecost 8 liturgy was planned the marriage of parishioners Randall Alexander and Norie Pangilinan.  

Roy and Sue, tourists from New Zealand who happened to have picked St. Clement’s for their Sunday morning worship, enjoyed the wedding-in-community immensely and said it was the first time they had ever seen such a thing – and they weren’t alone!  

The happy couple, newly arrived at St. Clement’s earlier in the year, had discussed their marriage with the Rev. Dr. Lynne McNaughton and expressed the view that “the Church is our family and everyone should be involved.” The congregation eagerly stepped up to stand as witnesses, provide flowers, food and drink for a reception in the hall afterward – and to enjoy a delicious tiered wedding cake prepared by a friend of Norie’s.  

After helping clean up, enthusiastic tourists Roy and Sue were last seen driving off with new St. Clement’s friends to watch a recording of the World Cup Final. A happy afternoon all around!  


  • The Rev. Lynne McNaughton beams as she presents the newly married couple to the congregation.

PHOTO: Mark Trendell-Jensen