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On the afternoon of Thursday, February 16, during a meeting of the diocesan ordained leadership (bishop, archdeacons, senior Synod office staff), the new Vicar of St. Aidan and St. Bartholomew, Gibsons/Minister for Climate Justice on Synod staff, the Reverend Joyce Parry-Moore was introduced.

Both the parish and Synod office staff have been waiting many months for a successful candidate to serve in those two roles.

Here we see Mother Joyce displaying her license newly received from Bishop John Stephens. Mother Joyce is planning to circulate material soon in order to get a sense of the kinds of parish climate action initiatives that have been implemented, are in process or still in the planning stages.

Bishop John will install the Reverend Joyce Parry-Moore as Vicar of St. Aidan and St. Bartholomew, Monday, February 27, 2pm at the church in Gibsons.

PHOTO: Elias J Neto