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Small change=BIG LOVE from St Matthew Abbotsford

 Support for SARA for Women was given by the Parish of St. Matthew, Abbotsford. The members of the parish were asked to donate their loose change weekly during March and April of 2023. This collection of coins ended up weighing nearly twenty-five pounds! When counted the offering came to $519.05. SARA was presented with a cheque.  

The work of SARA for Women in Abbotsford and Mission is based on the acronym:  S= Support; A= Acceptance; R= Resources; A= Action. These four words are the guidelines of the services provided by the organization. The work is for the safety and security, the support and guidance, needed by women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Emergency shelter is available every day and night. Counsellors and advocates are ready to work with women in need of psychological and legal care. This part of the Fraser Valley has this safety net in place because people do care.  

The Anglican Church Women (ACW) of the parish were given a presentation by Kathy Moodie on the work of SARA for Women at the February meeting. This led to the congregation being asked to bring in their coins during Lent (Five weeks in March and April). On Sunday, May 7, 2023, during the principal Celebration of the Eucharist, Moodie was presented with the cheque for the work of SARA for Women. Parishioners are grateful that the organization exists and that they could make a small gift of appreciation to the need for women in crisis. Even small coins help.  

For Information:

The Rev. Art Turnbull. 604-850-8782                            

Social Justice Spokesperson for St. Matthew Parish   


 L-R: Tyler Evans, Kathy Moodie (from SARA), the Rev. Art Turnbull, the Rev. Miranda Sutherland, Trish Martin. 

Photo Mary Lee