Local parishes and diocesan leaders are about to embark on a whole lot of planning this fall. There's the Ministry Assessment Process (the so called 'MAP') going on in two parishes and four regions, and work has begun on a strategic plan for the diocese, an attempt to sort our priorities.

These planning exercises are to the good. It is important to think about what you should be doing before doing it. However, in such an old and venerable organization as an Anglican diocese, there is the danger we are really planning for self-preservation.

Are we primarily planning as to how to keep the organ running. Keep the roof from leaking. Keep the priest full-time. Keep the numbers up. Keep the Synod Office staff employed. Doing what we've always done because, well, we've always done it.

Self-preservation must not be our goal. To spread and preach the Gospel, and minister in our communities is. Perhaps we really shouldn't think of ourselves as planning.

In a sense, there already is a plan. Our job is not really to make up our own plan, but to prayerfully discern what God's plan is for us.

Our job is not to make up our own plan, but to discern what God's plan is for us.