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As approximately 300 delegates entered the narthex of Christ Church Cathedral for the Opening Eucharist of GS2019 on the evening of Wednesday, July 10 they were greeted by a loom, a request note, a variety of writing implements and strips of coloured construction paper.

The note reads:

Why is this loom here?

As part of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada (July 10-17), artist-in-residence Thomas Roach, ODNW is working with delegates to create a collaborative (and yet ephemeral) artwork by weaving strips of coloured paper enhanced with texts, prayers and perhaps doodles. The work will evolve in both the Plenary Hall (at Sheraton Wall Centre) and in the Cathedral.

The paper that is being woven on the loom includes answers written by delegates to the questions:

  • "by what name or names are you called"
  • "from what community are you called"

in response to the theme of General Synod - "I Have Called You By Name." The completed weavings will hang at the Cathedral reredos (the very front centre area of the chancel) by the end of the Synod.

Thomas believes that weaving and other textile traditions are important mediums to encourage conversations across cultures and differences.

There was also a request to offer prayers for General Synod in writing and place the prayer note in a container located underneath the loom 

Diocesan comms will endevour to bring you more coverage of this engaging adjunct to GS22019 as the project progresses.