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As always we encourage you to support the World of Gifts as part of your Christmas gift-giving. Not only are you supporting our partners, but you’re spreading the good news of PWRDF to your friends and family who may not be familiar with our organization. When you order your gifts online or by mail, simply check off the box to indicate you would like to receive customizable In Your Honour gift cards. We will mail them to you to fill out and give to the people on your gift list. Then, as our way of saying thanks, you’ll also receive a special PWRDF gift tag.

If you order your gifts from our online store, the eCard function is available to you. Or, you can download the In Your Honour cards and print them at home.

The World of Gifts guide is distributed in the Anglican Journal and can also be downloaded as a PDF. Simply fill out the tearaway order form in the guide and mail in as instructed, or visit our online store to make your order 24/7. You may also order by phone at 1-877-936-9199.

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