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'If we don’t understand our history we are bound to repeat our mistakes.’ Those who would like to delve deeper are invited to join us at All Saints, Agassiz as we take part in “Journeying from Wrongs to Rights – a Study” with the book “Wrongs to Rights, how Churches can engage the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” (UNDRIP) as our guide -   a jumping off point to our future here on northern Turtle Island.  Study is co-sponsored by All Saints Parish and the Agassiz-Harrison Ministerial Association.

More than 40 contributors from varied backgrounds, Indigenous and non-Indigenous (referred to as ‘Settlers’), Christian and Traditional have delved into what the Declaration means to the Church.  “Wrongs to Rights” editor Steve Heinrichs wrote “They (the contributors) are all deeply committed to the task of undoing the colonial patterns and practices that keep Indigenous and Settler people apart. They’re all committed to the hope and real potential of a renewed, respectful relationship.” Many avenues are explored:

  • Why do Indigenous peoples believe the Declaration is necessary?
  • Why might Settler Christians object to it?
  • How can Scripture and theology be both an asset and a challenge? 
  • How can the Declaration help both Settlers and Indigenous peoples live side by side?
  • Are we looking for reconciliation or decolonization, or both? 

These and many more questions will be addressed as we study this book together.   

During the fall and winter we meet on the first and third Wednesdays (only once in December and January) beginning Wednesday Sept. 21, 2016 for 10 Wednesdays in all, at All Saints Anglican Church, 6904 Lougheed Highway, Agassiz.  The sessions are daytime, 1-3pm

The Study is free, however it is necessary participants purchase “Wrongs to Rights….” before September 21 in order to become familiar with the book, and take part. Those living locally can obtain it, along with the pocket UNDRIP booklet and the handout “Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action”, for $20 from All Saints.  

Both books can also be ordered through Common Word in Winnipeg at 1-877-846-1593

The Study forms a part of the parish’s 120th Anniversary celebrations. To register please contact  Monica or phone All Saints 604-796-3553.