Sophie of St. Mary’s Kerrisdale is a champion recycler.

Sophie is a ten year old girl at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale. She loves to ski, has a great sense of humour, and she knows the value of a dollar. She has started her own bottle recycling enterprise. She collects returnable containers from her friends and relatives, then redeems them for cash.

Sophie is also a good financial steward. The first ten percent of the money she receives from her recycling enterprise goes into a special envelope labeled “church.” Sophie knows about the concept of proportionate giving and the importance of generosity. She’s been taught stewardship by her parents, and she has learned it at her church.

Isn’t it great that a ten year old girl would tie together her sense of financial stewardship with her conviction about the value of recycling? Sophie cares about God’s creation, she has a thankful heart, and she shows it by her actions.

This autumn, the diocesan stewardship development committee wants to help parishes learn, teach, and model holistic stewardship. Materials are being developed for a parish-based financial pledge appeal on the theme “And God Created…”

These materials, which parishes will soon be able to order at a nominal cost, include an informative brochure, pledge card, bulletin inserts, sample letters, and suggested formats for themed events in the fall. The diocesan stewardship committee hopes parishes that currently do not promote pledging will be inspired to launch an autumn appeal this year, and that other parishes will benefit from an infusion of fresh ideas.

At Diocesan Synod, the Stewardship Development Committee will make a presentation about these resources. Sample materials will be available to view at that time and, after synod, parishes will be able to order the resources they want. In September a training event will be available for participating parishes. The materials will be printed and delivered in time for an October launch date.

It is quite likely that Sophie will fill out her own pledge card at St. Mary’s this fall. After all, Sophie means “wise one.” Is it possible that her good example will soon result in a few more stewards in other parts of the diocese?