Don’t be surprised if you see young people bringing pillows and sleeping bags to the annual Synod meeting, but it’s not for the reason you may think. This year, WAYNet, the Diocesan Youth Workers’ Network, is hosting a Synod Youth Retreat for youth delegates and other teens from across the diocese.

The delegates and other youth who may serve at Synod in the future will gather from the closing of Synod on Frid ay May 26 until the recommencement on Saturday morning. During the retreat, they’ll have a chance to get to know each other better through games, discussions, and activities, and they’ll also have a chance to explore some issues on the table at Synod.

Youth involved in Diocesan Synod. At a recent Synod, a service is led by Taizé youth pilgrims during a Saturday session.

“These young people will have a chance to network with one another, making friends outside of their own parishes,” says Mark Hainsworth, one member of WAYNet. “They’ll hopefully find it easier to talk about the issues they face, including those of our church and our diocese.”

Part of the retreat will be spent in conversation with guest speaker George Cadman, Synod Chancellor. He’ll explain some of the processes of Synod, and answer any questions the youth may have. Phil Murray, another member of WAYNet, sees Cadman’s presence as an opportunity for increasing the young people’s sense of belonging in our diocese. “The youth will be able to see themselves as important members of the church who have an integral role to play in the decisions and discernment of the future direction of the diocese,” he says.

Hainsworth agrees. “The Synod Youth Retreat will result in better understanding, greater confidence, and a stronger voice for young people in our diocese,” he says. “At the same time, it should be a lot of fun, enhancing the youth delegate experience beyond measure!”

The details and registration forms for the Youth Synod Retreat have been sent to the Synod Youth Delegates. If you’d like more information, please contact Samantha Cawker at 604-682-3848 or

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