Brad Firth, youth pastor at St. David's in Delta, remains in a Mexican jail after his arrest July 15 while leading a parish mission trip. A young Mexican man and his family have made allegations against him. We care for all those involved in this matter.

At St. David's, Delta, a main focus of ministry has and continues to be the physical, spiritual, and emotional development and well-being of children. That is why we have, and are committed to continue, a vibrant youth ministry in Tsawwassen and beyond our parish, to places such as Mexico. This ministry continues through the hard work of others.

There are many challenges that face us when confronted with events such as Brad's. One of these challenges, as Christians, is continuing to respect the dignity of every human being, while at the same time working for justice and peace for all involved. Our youth pastor is entitled, like all of us in Canada, to due process and the presumption of innocence.

On behalf of the Parish of St. David's, Delta, we are thankful for the resources provided by the diocese in helping Brad and our parish in this difficult time, and the prayerful support of churches and individuals in our diocese.