Giving of endowment gifts to the church can be your legacy to the future mission and ministry of the people of God. Your gift of capital continues to earn income and support the Marks of Mission: Telling the Good News; Teaching and nurturing new believers; responding to human need through service; transforming unjust situations; and striving to protect God's creation. You can involve future generations of your family in this work by engaging them in the endowment we call a Legacy Fund.

Legacy Funds - An Eternal Gift

Legacy Funds increase the capacity of the Diocesan family to fund ministry programs with income from endowments. They are effective giving opportunities for Anglican people and families to express their gratitude to God and for Anglican people to be engaged in the well-being of our faith community during their lifetime.

Benefits for Donors

Donor Advised Funds provide you with opportunities to give with gratitude within the Diocese of New Westminster and to the church beyond our borders. This type of fund responds to increasing donor demand for more involvement in their philanthropy. For many it is an effective alternative to private family foundations.

Expressions of Faith and Hope

There are many advantages to Legacy Funds. They enable an expression of faith and hope by the donor. They can be permanent or lifetime endowments and they encourage a family legacy of philanthropy. They are funded with cash or appreciated assets and tax relief is immediate. They are less costly than a private foundation and professional management is provided by the Diocese at a low cost. A minimum of $10,000 is required to establish a Donor Advised Fund.

The profile of a potential Legacy Fund donor is someone intent on making a significant gift for which a private foundation is not an option. They often have a recent inheritance, have just sold a business, or have appreciated securities or real estate, etc. They have often made previous large gifts, volunteer regularly and have an interest in causes. Very often they are amongst the leadership in philanthropy in their family, the church and the community.

For more information about Legacy Fund options contact:

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