Philippians 2: 5-11
Despite the Risk - Say "YES"

Sermon preached by the Right Reverend Melissa Skelton, Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster during an episcopal visitation to St. John the Baptist, Sardis on March 25, 2018, Palm Sunday.

The first paragraph of the sermon is missing in the video, it is:

"Did you hear it? Did you notice it? Did you notice how jubilant Jesus’ friends and disciples were in our first Gospel reading this morning, the one we call “the triumphal entry”? And then did you notice in our second Gospel (Mark 15: 1-47) reading how these same friends and disciples fell away as things went south, as triumph turned to crucifixion?"

The audio signal of the video is low, for best outcome consider using earbuds.

PHOTO: Bishop Skelton and Rev. Carson prepare to take their places outside the main door for the Liturgy of the Palms.