Luke 1: 57-80
All in Their Own Way - Heralds of the Kingdom All in Their Own Way - Heralds of the Kingdom All in Their Own Way - Heralds of the Kingdom

Sermon preached by Archbishop Melissa Skelton at the Ordination in the Holy Church of God Eucharist when: Juanita Lillian Clark and Margaret (Peggy) Kathleen Trendell-Jensen were ordained to the diaconate and the Reverends: Hyok Kim, Sharon Smith and Marion Man Wai Wong were ordained priests.

The Eurcharist was also a Celebration of the Feast of St. John the Baptist (transferred).

The video which is the entire 90 minutes of the YouTube livestream archive begins about 20 minutes into the liturgy at the point where the Archbishop's sermon is in progress.


  • The Group Shot: the Ven. Louie Engnan, Archdeacon of Fraser; the Ven. Bruce Morris, Archdeacon for Deacons; the Rev. Peggy Trendell-Jensen; the Rev. Juanita Clark; the Most Rev. Melissa Skelton; the Rev. Marion Wong; the Rev. Hyok Kim; the Rev Sharon Smith; the Very Rev. Ansley Tucker, Chaplain to the Ordinands, Dean and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria; the Ven. Douglas Fenton, Executive Archdeacon.
  • Archbishop Skelton invites applause from the congregation for the newly ordained deacons and priests
  • Archbishop Skelton prepares to begin her sermon.