Hospitals, care homes, universities, and neighbourhoods

Chaplains, whether clergy or trained lay individuals, serve as spiritual leaders in secular institutions like hospitals, prisons, the military, and schools. They offer worship services, foster community, and provide personal pastoral care. These chaplains can be employed by secular organizations or appointed through religious bodies, often in collaboration with secular institutions. The Diocese of New Westminster supports chaplains in hospitals, care homes, colleges, and universities, as well as through the Mission to Seafarers for sailors in local ports and to people living in Canada's poorest postal code - the Downtown Eastside. If you're seeking a chaplain in a hospital or care home not listed here, please contact the respective institution's Spiritual Care or Social Work office or the care home directly for more information.

University of British Columbia
The Reverends Alecia Greenfield, Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz and Rob James

University chaplaincy fosters a diverse community of seekers, believers, and friends while facilitating faith-related discussions and service opportunities. The Chaplains seek to connect with Anglican college and university students in our Diocese, challenging their intellectual growth beyond academics, offering support and advice, facilitating interaction and fellowship, and providing pastoral counseling. The goal is to promote faith development through Christian worship, discipleship, and service, preparing students for a lifelong commitment to the Church, including corporate ministry and reconciliation, and encouraging inter-faith activities. If you're a student at one of our Diocese's universities or colleges, please reach out.

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Vancouver General Hospital
Reverend Bryan Rivers

Chaplaincy at Vancouver General Hospital serves Anglicans in our diocese and beyond who require hospital services. The Anglican chaplain provides pastoral care, listens to patients, families, and staff, and brings Anglican traditions, rituals, and theology to the hospital environment, reminding patients that the entire church community is praying for their well-being. The Reverend Bryan Rivers serves as the Anglican Chaplain to VGH. If you're an Anglican patient at VGH, inform Admissions of your affiliation to ensure a chaplain visit. For Anglican clergy presence at other hospitals in the Diocese of New Westminster, contact the respective hospital's Spiritual Care office.

St Jude's Anglican Home
Chaplain: Rejoice Anthony

St. Jude’s Chaplain, Rejoice Anthony, provides pastoral care to residents, their families, and staff. As a non-profit residential care facility under the auspices of the Vancouver Coastal Health Region, we have the unique opportunity to minister to and provide spiritual care in an ecumenical and multi-faith environment. Anglican traditions and rituals continue to be prominent to St. Jude’s residents. Rejoice offers pastoral care to residents, families, and staff as the Chaplain. She also leads worship and welcomes clergy volunteers who preside at Eucharist services.

St. Jude’s Chaplaincy welcomes your continuing support and prayers. If you would like to find out more about how to support this essential ministry in the community, please email

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Mission to Seafarers
Reverend Peter Smyth

For 115 years, the Mission to Seafarers has been active in the Diocese of New Westminster, welcoming over 2 million seafarers at Port Metro Vancouver in Vancouver and Roberts Bank. They provide a "home away from home" offering WiFi, shopping, recreation, chaplaincy services, and worship. The Reverend Peter Smyth serves as the Senior Port Chaplain, overseeing the chaplaincy team, representing the Mission to various stakeholders, and ensuring the well-being of visiting seafarers at both branches in Vancouver and Roberts Bank.

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Street Outreach Initiative (SOI)
Fr. Matthew Johnson

The Street Outreach Initiative offers a range of services, including frontline pastoral care, aboriginal liaison, holy communion, invitations to worship, anointing for healing, confession/reconciliation, pastoral counseling, Bible study, room blessings, 5th step meetings, hospital visits, prayer resources, funerals/memorials, and residential schools liaison.

The Street Outreach Initiative operates through a funding partnership:

  1. Members of St. James Church (25%)
  2. Anglican Diocese of New Westminster (25%)
  3. Community Partners and Individual Donors (50%)
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