Purpose of the Order

The Order of the Diocese of New Westminster serves to recognize and honor lay members of the diocese who have shown exceptional dedication through volunteer ministry over a substantial period. The Investiture Service occurs biennially.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify, an individual must be a lay member, having volunteered within the parish or across parishes (committees, parish councils, special outreach, activities), or at the diocesan level. Service must span a significant period. Each parish can nominate one person every even-numbered calendar year (Parish Nominee). Posthumous nominations are not accepted. Nominees must accept, consent to registration, and agree to publicize their investiture, including photographs. The Bishop can nominate up to ten people (Bishop's Nominee) for distinguished service to the bishop and diocese.

Insignia Description

The Order of the Diocese of New Westminster insignia is a round medallion featuring the Diocese's official badge in colorful enamel. The badge, granted by the Chief Herald of Canada on May 15th, 2007, draws from the Diocese's coat of arms, which features blue and gold symbolizing heaven, sea, and spiritual riches. The Christian cross resembles that of St. Edward the Confessor, associated with Westminster Abbey. The badge's birds, with maple leaf-shaped tails, represent St. Edward in a Canadian context. The wavy white line signifies both baptismal waters and the surrounding ocean and river.

Insignia Presentation

The medallion hangs on a special blue, gold, and white silk ribbon. Members can wear it at significant events, parishes, and Diocesan activities, like worship services, synod, and installation ceremonies for new members. Additionally, a small lapel pin accompanies the medallion for everyday wear.

For more information about the ODNW

Process and investiture event

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