Marché Riley is the Diocesan and Provincial Archivist. If you'd like to visit the archives, please connect with him to make an appointment: and 604 684 6306 ext. 230 . PLEASE NOTE we have been having difficulties with the Contact Form at the bottom of the page. Until further notice, if you wish to get in touch with the Archives, please e-mail or phone the Archivist directly using the information listed above.

 Diocese of New Westminster

The Archives of the Diocese of New Westminster was established in 1980 and governed by Canon 22.  Its functions are  and its functions are to collect, arrange, describe, preserve and make available the records of the Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster its related councils, committees, and officers as well as its parishes. The archivist reports to the Business Administrator of the Diocese of New Westminster and submits reports annually to the Synod of the Diocese.

 Provincial Synod of BC & Yukon

The Archives of the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia & Yukon was established in 1956 and is located with the diocesan archives at 1410 Nanton Avenue in Vancouver. The Archives is governed by Canon 10, and its functions are similar to that of the Diocese of New Westminster, in that it collects, arranges, describes, preserves and makes available the records of the Provincial Synod, its related councils, committees, and officers and other material pertaining to the history and activities of the Ecclesiastical Province. The Archives also encourages, coordinates, and assists archival programmes in the Dioceses of the Province, and holds the records of the former Diocese of Cariboo.  The Archivist reports to the Metropolitan of the Province, and submits reports both quarterly to the Provincial Executive Council, and every 3 years at the Provincial Synod.

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