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We are a Community of Faith in the Christian tradition that strives to be both inclusive and engaging.  We are a theologically diverse, thoughtful, and grounded group of people.  We do not require everyone to think the same way.  We encourage people to ask questions, and share their perspectives on life and faith, for in listening to one another our lives are enriched and our world expands.

All are WELCOME here.  We honour and respect religious traditions that are different to our own.  We believe God is love and that we have been given this good news to celebrate and share with all people.  We seek to practice the radical welcome and hospitality Jesus himself offered to those he met, particularly to those people on the fringes of society.                    

46098 Higginson Road

Sardis, BC

V2R 2A9

phone 604.858.2229
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Parish Clergy & Staff

Rector: The Reverend Matt Koovisk

Deacon: The Reverend Larry Adkins

Parish Administrator: Stephen Demers

Service Times

10:00 a.m. plus Facebook and YouTube

10:30 a.m. Bible Study