The Parish Development Grants

These grants support Diocesan parishes in becoming healthier, more faithful, and effective faith communities with a maximum grant of $15,000 per year. Parish development involves focusing on the parish's unique purpose, embracing its ecclesial tradition, self-renewal, and sustainability, and fostering a transparent, open, and hopeful culture. Examples of supported projects include attracting new attendees through additional liturgies, enhancing formation programs, and developing sustainable pilot initiatives. Notably, the grants don't fund capital projects or long-term initiatives, but they encourage self-sustainability and have a maximum term of three years with a decreasing funding request each year.

Grant Application Timelines & Process for 2024

Questions about the Parish Development Grants process can be sent to the Parish Development Grants team by clicking here.

Children, Youth, Family (CYF) Ministry Grants
Apply now to support the development of your ministry. Grants up to $15,000.
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Capital Grants and Loans

Capital Grants
Parishes may make an application to receive a capital grant for capital, building, and infrastructure projects. Grants are matching and available to a maximum of 40,000. Grants may only be applied for every three years.

Parish loan funds are available for the following “authorized purposes” which include but are not limited to:

  • Building improvements, renovations, redevelopment, and repairs.
  • Equipment purchases and other capital purposes.
  • Short-term financing pending receipt of grants or loans from outside the diocese.
  • Property assessment, redevelopment, marketing, and broker professional fees to increase rental income.
  • Other emergency purposes


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