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St. Matthew's Abbotsford hosted the Valley Deanery Anti-Racisim training event January 10th, 2015.  About 40 of us gathered for the day long program and we began the day by considering our hopes and fears. This was after all a deep topic. Taking the plunge, we  immersed ourselves for the day in exercises, bible study and a video which helped us wrestle with and expand our understanding of the deep-seated prejudice that fuels discrimination. We ended the day by drafting action plans for our parishes and with a litany of commitment sending each other forth in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit beyond our fears and in hope we will make a difference for God's world.

Photo -  top row Training Team Members - The Rev Stephen Bailey, The Rev Christine Magrega, The Rev. Vivian Lam, bottom row Christ Church, Hope participants: Johanna Coughlin, Audrey Rink, Bev Kreller, The Rev. Gail Newell. PHOTO Eileen Nurse