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On Sunday, October 27, the Parish of St. Dunstan, Aldergrove celebrated a glorious Spirit-filled dedication and blessing by Archbishop Melissa Skelton for the St. Dunstan’s Centre for Spiritual Renewal. The blessing was included in the Celebration of the Eucharist during Archbishop Skelton’s scheduled archiepiscopal visit.

The Centre has completed a one year program cycle of gatherings and practices and is now into the second year.

The dedication included Renewal Centre lead team members bringing in a 4 ‘ wooden stand with the Centre’s Benedictine Cross logo etching. There is also a table-top version and many candle holders, all made by Ron Isaak from the pews that used to be in the nave of the former church building.

Renewed wood for a Renewal Centre! Lorie Martin, Associate Director read the mission of the Centre and asked for the Archbishop’s Prayer of Blessing.

We rejoice at this special occasion and God's presence and action in this ministry. We are thankful for the Reverend David Taylor, Rector and Executive Director for sharing his dream, support and inspiration of the Centre and the many gatherings, programs, prayer sessions and events that are part of the Centre's onging and developing ministry.


St. Dunstan's

CENTRE FOR SPIRITUAL RENEWAL - A ministry for Christian Transformation.

All who desire to follow Christ and grow more in the image of God are welcome.

All who are on a spiritual journey are welcome.

All who are curious are welcome.

All who are tired and need rest are welcome.

All are welcome.


  • Archbishop Skelton at the altar, the choir and the renewed wood carving with the logo
  • The 4' stand, table-top version and basket of candle holders
  • View of the nave from the chancel window

Article and photographs submitted by Lorie Martin