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The Reverend John Sovereign has had a very aggressive illness develop quickly and he has recently entered hospice care. John retired April 30, 2017, after 11 years as Rector of St. Thomas, Chilliwack. During that time he was regional dean. In retirement John has remained active as a Sunday Supply priest and as an advocate for social justice, specifically LGBTQ2 issues and Indigenous justice.
He write:

"I appreciate prayers for me to complete God's work that is mine to do, to have good meaningful time with my family, to always be kind (I notice I am crabby with family some times). To have courage when I need it."

Archbishop Skelton said in her recent communique to diocesan clergy that she has been blessed and honoured to be one of his conversation partners at this time as when as he is able he has been recording important stories from his life.
The story from the Chilliwack Progress linked in this article here was one of the top articles of last week and tells the story of John's receipt of a Rotary Club award on August 22 for his many years of ministry and outstanding service to his community.
Please keep John and his family: Allyson, Brittany, Brad, Connor, Sarah and Jamie in your prayers.


Here is the cutline from the Chilliwack Progress posting that accompanied the photo seen above

John Sovereign received his Paul Harris Fellowship from the Chilliwack After Hours Rotary Club on Aug. 22, 2020. Sovereign has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. (Submitted photo/ Kathy Funk)