Camp Artaban has been granted a loan of up to $50,000 for the current year's camping season. Diocesan Council approved the loan for the diocesan youth camp at their February meeting.

The council was told that the camp's finances improved in 2004 after it met its goal of attracting 600 campers over the summer, but a loan was still needed this year.

Last year, the camp received a grant of $19,500 from Stewards in Action, and a diocesan loan of up to $50,000. The camp ended up only having to borrow $30,000.

The chair of the board of Camp Artaban, the Rev. Stephen Muir, asked that this year's $50,000 loan be turned into a grant.

"Our accumulated indebtedness to the diocese is approaching half a million dollars," said Muir. "This is becoming a burden that is increasingly difficult to manage," he said.

Treasurer Jim Stewart said that a task force on diocesan ministry and outreach was currently working on a comprehensive plan of diocesan ministry over the next several years, and urged that for now Diocesan Council continue its policy of loaning money to the camp, not giving grants.

Artaban is the official diocesan youth camp, but it is owned and run by a separate society. Diocesan Council does appoint several members to the camp’s board.