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As Christmas approaches many people are looking for ways to celebrate and perhaps sing a few Christmas carols but for some a carol service in church is just not their thing. So this December St George’s, Maple Ridge will be hosting a Christmas Carols at the Pub event in Maple Ridge. The event will be held at The Ranch Pub + Grill, 132nd Avenue in Maple Ridge at 6pm. (The Ranch Pub is located at Maple Ridge Equi-Sports Centre).

The idea came up a few months ago, when 80 people gathered for a Pentecost Party at the Pub, and after a short service people tucked into a steak buffet dinner. A few of the guests said that it would be great to come back for Christmas to sing carols and enjoy another similar evening.

The event is open to all and we encourage people to bring friends and family. The $20 ticket ($15 for children) includes a soft drink, bar drink or beer, and a roast beef dip buffet dinner with a great selection of salads.

We will kick-off at 6pm with a few carols and readings, and then at 6.30pm the buffet will be served for all to enjoy.

Tickets can be purchased here on the church website, and we only have space for 100 so we are expecting to sell out.